Replace any non-compliant, non-corporate communication app
with Ommnio, the corporate instant messaging tool that protects
employees' privacy and time off.

Why Ommnio?

A corporate app meant to be in personal devices


Chat safety

Talk with coworkers and HR without sharing your personal phone number.


Mute work chats

Turn off notifications once you head home and your workday is over. 


Respectful software

Save data consumption and mobile storage with the lightest corporate app.

Safe, legal & corporate

*Works on iOS 10, Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

  • No geo-localization permissions - The Ommnio app will never require localization permissions. Your employer can't monitor where you are. 
  • Size: 15 MBs only - An app to keep you connected with your company and colleagues, but respecting the storage of your mobile phone. 
  • Protected personal mobile number - Your cellphone number is your Ommnio ID but we'll keep your contact details hidden when you chat with colleagues. 

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