The employee app your team will use

Everybody understands instant messaging. Why should your employee app be any different?

Provide the communication they use, with the corporate features your company needs.   

Digital Signature

The easiest way to request legally binding eSignature to collaborators

Notifications only while working | Ommnio

Protect their time off

Most deskless workers will never have a corporate device. Use their personal cellphone instead, while protecting their privacy and leisure time. 

Notifications only while working

Everybody can freely send messages when they need to, knowing that nobody will be bothered in their personal time - the platform will handle delivery based on every individual's schedule.

A setup for every user and need

When on vacation, simply activate the “Never” mode. All messages will be there once they come back. If on duty or simply not bothered by work messages, “Always” is the right option. Notifications will reach round-the-clock.

Read-only channels | Ommnio

Reach them all, now

Usually only people in offices have corporate e-mails and deskless teams are out of reach. How can everybody be in the same page?

Send mass messages immediately

Transform email newsletters to short, straight-to-the-point instant messages on a read-only channel to align the whole organization. 

Manage feedback in a controlled manner

Even mass communications need a certain degree of feedback sometimes - add an online survey to collect aggregated answers and make sure you’re not drowned in responses.

Mandatory read | Ommnio

A real double-check

Get a “read and understood” confirmation for every key message. Send reminders with just a click of a button.

Monitor your teams' acknowledgement 

Send relevant corporate policies, warnings, training lessons, shift calendars or any important communication that requires everybody’s all-in. Monitor who has acknowledged the message and send reminders to those pending.

Handy access to all confirmed messages

Ommnio keeps a record of all messages sent to every employee, so that everyone can check the documents they have acknowledged in the past.

A corporate app made for employees' personal devices

Branded on boarding

Provide a personalized experience to all your employees. Make them feel connected, no matter where they are.


Connect your existing HR tools to Ommnio's API and bridge the gap between your systems and your people.


Save time and automate processes such as sending employee feedback surveys or paychecks. 

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