Put the whole company in your deskless workers’ hands

New Whistleblowing Channel

Comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive with the only channel that reaches every corner of the organization

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No contact details needed

Invite your users without knowing their email or mobile number. Use Ommnio’s QR codes to onboard them and avoid storing personal contact details. 100% GDPR compliant.  

Mobile and cloud-based

Ommnio runs on any Google Android or iOS device, even the oldest ones that your workforce might use. As a cloud-based SaaS, Ommnio is always available and updated.


When properly deployed, Ommnio is so useful that has unbeatable usage ratios. Our value is so clear, that we operate on a monthly subscription model. Leave anytime, no ties.  

API connected to anything

You already have tools in place, but deskless workers do not use them. Ommnio can be the front door to your systems. Integrate your existing solutions with Ommnio and provide easy access for everyone.

Facilitate conversations, own the content

Communicate in the way that best suits the content: Send company-wide information through read-only channels or coordinate teams with open-to-chat groups.
Ensure every employee receives only relevant information by granting access to the teams and people connected to them with Ommnio’s flexible roles and permissions.
Migrate from current non-corporate instant messaging apps and make sure your company has access to all professional conversations within the organisation.

AI powered chatbots to eliminate repetitive tasks

Your deskless workforce is probably asking the same questions over and over. And there are a number of processes, such as asking for new working gear, that can easily be automated.
Ommnio’s AI powered chatbots can be programmed to provide your employees with the answers they need to frequent requests. Automate answering repetitive questions and save time for what only a human can do: taking care of your team.

Distribute personalised documents, en masse

The Docubot comes handy when in need to distribute one personalised document per employee: payslips and training certificates are perfect examples.
Bulk upload your documents and the Docubot will rename, encrypt and send the personalised version to each individual. No systems integration is needed.

Collect feedback in a structured manner

Centralize the replies to each request to the team and get feedback in a matter of seconds: request backup people for a shift, request photos for a contest or ask for documents to be uploaded to the system. Send your request in a couple of clicks and let them reply from the easiest-to-use communication app.

Reduce paperwork with digital signatures

Don’t print documents and chase people around; send them through Ommnio and request digital signatures individually or massively in chat groups.
Once read, they’ll be able to sign the document right from their mobile phone.
Store the documents in the cloud, not in a file cabinet, and track who has already signed. Send reminders to those pending with just a click.

A time tracking bot that doesn’t miss a beat

At Ommnio we are experts at transforming every process into an instant messaging experience. Time tracking is just an example.
Time to check-in? The Time Tracker will send a reminder with a simple message and a button to press once the employee has started working. Leaving earlier? Simply press the “Check out 👋” button and track your time properly.
As an administrator monitor every employee’s report and export overall data to any external system.