Reach every single employee

Your deskless teams already use instant messaging apps for work.
Bring them to a safe, legal and corporate solution.

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Your employees are already using instant messaging apps for professional conversations. Ommnio provides exactly the same user interface.

GDPR compliant

Communicate with your employees without knowing their personal contact details and comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Bridge the gap between
headquarters and your employees' personal phones while protecting their privacy and time off.

Efficient teamwork

Take your company communications into the 21st century

Ommnio branded onboarding


connected every day

Ommnio is as easy as any instant messaging app, helping everybody feel connected, daily.


onboarded in less than 4 weeks

The smoothest onboarding process is tailored to have everybody involved in no time.


rating based on employees' opinion

Deskless workers value being connected digitally, while protecting privacy and time off.

Instant messaging on every screen

Your whole organization at your fingertips

Ommnio - desktop and mobile app

Put your HR tools in your teams' cellphones

Connect your systems to Ommnio and transform your outdated HR intranets into modern and automated instant messaging communications.

Manage from the confort of your desktop

Admin user and content management from Ommnio's browser version, available everywhere, always. 

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