Boost Productivity & Compliance with the communication tool your deskless workers will use

Reach your entire workforce without relying on WhatsApp, calls & in-person meetings, saving countless hours.
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The employee app your team will use


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connected on a daily basis

The tool that will connect them all

Internal communications – Reach your entire workforce, particularly the ones not working in front of a computer. Communicate effectively and in a timely manner, always.

Human resources – Eliminate your repetitive tasks and paperwork by digitalising processes and document distribution. Build an organisation that feels connected to the business.

Management – Share important and/or urgent information within your team. Arrange cover for shifts with a few instant messages instead of dozens of phone calls.

IT – Empower your company with a secure cloud-based SaaS communications tool, potentially integrated with your current systems via API and without hardware investment.

Ommnio works, here's why

Use an instant messaging app everyone understands

Provide the user experience they like, with the corporate features your company needs.
➤   No contact details or corporate email required
Onboard employees with a QR code, without knowing their personal phone number and comply with General Data Protection Regulation. No corporate email needed, either.
➤   Protect their right to digitally disconnect
Bridge the gap between headquarters and your employees’ personal phones while protecting their privacy and time off.

Facilitate conversations, own the content

Provide a secure corporate instant messaging app and make sure your company has access to all professional conversations within the organisation.

Communicate in the way that best suits the content: Send company-wide information through read-only channels or coordinate teams with open-to-chat groups.

Ensure every employee receives only relevant information by granting access to the teams and people connected to them with Ommnio’s flexible roles and permissions.

Leverage tools & automations to reach your goals faster

➤   AI powered chatbots to eliminate repetitive tasks
Your deskless workforce is probably asking the same questions over and over. And there are a number of processes, such as asking for new working gear, that can easily be automated.

Ommnio’s AI powered chatbots can be programmed to provide your employees with the answers they need to frequent requests. Automate answering repetitive questions and save time for what only a human can do: taking care of your team.
➤   Distribute personalised documents, en masse
The Docubot comes handy when in need to distribute one personalised document per employee: payslips and training certificates are perfect examples.

Bulk upload your documents and the Docubot will rename, encrypt and send the personalised version to each individual. No systems integration is needed.
➤   Collect feedback in a structured manner
Centralize the replies to each request to the team and get feedback in a matter of seconds: request backup people for a shift, request photos for a contest, or ask for documents to be uploaded to the system. Send your request in a couple of clicks and let them reply from the easiest-to-use communication app.
➤   Reduce paperwork with digital signatures
Don’t print documents and chase people around; send them through Ommnio and request digital signatures individually or massively in chat groups.

Once read, they’ll be able to sign the document right from their mobile phone.

Store the documents in the cloud, not in a file cabinet, and track who has already signed. Send reminders to those pending with just a click.
➤   A time tracking bot that doesn’t miss a beat
At Ommnio we are experts at transforming every process into an instant messaging experience. Time tracking is just an example.

Time to check-in? The Time Tracker will send a reminder with a simple message and a button to press once the employee has started working. Leaving earlier? Simply press the “Check out” button and track your time properly.

As an administrator monitor every employee’s report and export overall data to any external system.
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Success Stories

Here's a selection of business cases from some of our customers.

94% activity rate, instant acceptance of the procedures and full legal compliance within the first month

Back in the day employees did not have access to documentation about procedures, because most of them do not have a corporate email. The documents were printed for them, which lead to waste of time and resources, and procedural failures due to poor communication.

The results

  • Improved decision-making regarding the company's direction through instant access to employee opinions via surveys.
  • No more paper printing of documents.
  • Immediate approval of any procedure, saving numerous hours for HR and the team.
  • Legal compliance: no more emails to personal accounts, and full respect for employees' right to digitally disconnect.
  • HR's goal achieved: getting closer to employees, establishing frequent communication, and dedicating quality time to enhance employee engagement.




Stone wall insulation manufacturing


Immediate approval of any procedure, full legal compliance and regular frequent communication established


Despina Stroe

Achieved team objectives for the first time in just one week after implementing Ommnio

Before using Ommnio, they were delivering paper documentation in person and they had virtually no communication since they were only using notification boards. HR had to spend a lot of time to make sure that the communication was reaching the whole workforce.

The results

A week after deploying Ommnio they started posting the team’s objectives (that had always been on the boards) and they were able to achieve them for the first time. Before Ommnio, the team gave a score of less than a 3 out of 5 regarding their satisfaction with the management communication. With Ommnio they are always above 3.5.




Door manufacturing


Within a week, achieved all team objectives for the first time.


Jorge Tarragó

From using notification boards and WhatsApp groups to 97% activity rate and saving money within 2 months

Workers are happy: they can check their payslip at any time, send sick leave documents, talk with colleagues and managers without sharing their personal phone numbers. We don't know what we would have done without Ommnio during the pandemic. We were able to communicate, send the certificates to allow mobility to employees ... It has been amazing. We don't know if we could have continued our activity without Ommnio.

Before Ommnio, they were using notification boards, a paper monthly magazine and WhatsApp groups. They are 500 employees located in 4 different plants geographically separated.

They had a desktop intranet that nobody was using, so they had a lot of in-person work with deskless workers. They did an internal survey (with paper!) and there was a poor feeling about internal communications. Factory workers didn’t feel heard and never knew about the company news.

The results

Within 2 months of using our software, they were able to get 97% of their deskless workers on a weekly basis engaged with their communications. They went from being totally disconnected, to needing just one week max to have 97% of their workforce informed about everything.

This meant that HR reps, that had to be constantly going to the plant, started saving time (1,5 workdays per 200 employees aprox) and focusing on more qualitative work (better recruitment interviews, i.e.)


Gomà Camps




Saved at least 1.5 days per week in HR, which translates into saving thousands of euros per year.


Albert Bausells

Achieved 100% onboarding, full participation, 
and exploiting the tool beyond the expectations

Ommnio has changed everyone’s mentality, since we have found many positive applications in this tool: work groups, shift transfer communications, pictures about problems, videos with breakdowns, Health & Safety communications, delivery of receipts, clarification of doubts, requests for PPE… The collaborators themselves exploit the tool beyond our expectations when we started this project.

Vicente Torns is the second largest supplier of electrical conductors in Europe, with 500 employees in five different manufacturing plants and three distributors.

Before using Ommnio, they were delivering paper documentation in person and they had virtually no communication since they were only using notification boards.

The results

One month after deploying Ommnio, the production team was 100% onboarded and fully participating in the conversations, telling each other about the problems they have had with the machinery, and what options there are to solve them.

Everyone also finds it very convenient to send any request or any supporting document.


Vicente Torns


Electrical conductors


The production team 100% onboarded and fully engaging in the first month.


María Belén Hernández

99% onboarding rate, 95% activity rate and every stuff member feeling fully informed

I don't compare Ommnio to an employee portal or something similar; I define it as the BEST communication tool at all levels.

Before implementing Ommnio, they had communication channels resolved for office
staff, but a large part of the workforce, the operators and plant personnel, were not
receiving information.

The results

All workers enthusiastically welcomed this communication system, and are ever since fully updated at all times. All staff members feel equally informed; there are no distinctions or ranks.

“I’ve tried to find something negative, but honestly, I haven't found one to date. I would rehire Ommnio to facilitate the daily work of each of our 350 employees. And I appreciate the Ommnio team for their quick responses to any queries.”


Liven - Paulig Group


Food production


All workers feel equally informed and using Ommnio enthusiastically on a daily basis.


Anna Maria Casado

Anna Quintero

A word from The Founder & CEO

As a Communication professional, I know how difficult it is for your message to reach its destination correctly. As a software creator, I've had the privilege of seeing how much people's lives change when they are provided with the right technology.

Ommnio is the perfect intersection of my two passions: communication and technology.

In 2018, I realized to what extent my industry, the software industry, had overlooked a vast segment of the population: those who do NOT work in front of a screen. For office workers, there are millions of solutions. What, on the other hand, exists for workers in a factory, in a warehouse, or attending to the public?

Ommnio exists because I firmly believe that deskless employees have the right to be informed and connected with their employers, and do not deserve to have to look at notification boards or use their own personal WhatsApp, violating their privacy and their right to rest, for doing so. These employees deserve to have technology specifically developed for them. Connecting with deskless workers is easy if you provide them with the right technology.

Bridge all the communication gaps and boost productivity of your entire team

Spots are limited. Book a demo today to see how Ommnio can help.